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Ideally, with a strong oral hygiene routine and regular dental care, teeth would last a lifetime. With your smile in such constant use, this is rarely the case. Accidents can happen, leaving tooth enamel damaged and worn, and dental infection can jeopardize your oral health and overall wellness. Luckily, at Gundersen Dental, our restorative dentistry services are all about preserving the function, health, and beauty of your smile.

With an extensive skillset and long-standing passion for helping others, Drs. Tyler and Broc Gundersen provide restorative procedures along with top-quality restorations to completely rejuvenate your smile. Contact our Wenatchee, WA, dental practice to schedule your consultation today!


What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is dedicated to the rejuvenation of missing, damaged, and diseased teeth and gums through procedures designed to restore them to their original health, form, and function.

Restorative dental care often encompasses different branches of dental care, such as periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, and cosmetic dentistry, to rebuild smiles to their optimal potential.

Periodontics is the treatment of periodontal (gum) disease and works to eliminate the infection to keep the hard and soft tissues responsible for supporting your teeth healthy. These tissues are also necessary to help keep the proper position of your jaw.

Endodontics treat the inner tissues, nerves, and blood vessels of teeth, also known as the pulp, which also extends to the roots of teeth. Endodontic treatments, such as root canal therapy, are performed by our dentists help save teeth from further infection, decay, and extraction.

Prosthodontics focuses on the replacement of missing teeth by using prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and denture restorations, which can be attached to dental implants for lasting support. These may be temporary and fixed.

Dental Restoration Treatments in Wenatchee, WA

Drs. Tyler and Broc Gunderson are proud to provide the following treatments designed to repair and rejuvenate your smile like new:

At Gundersen Dental, we are also an amalgam-free practice. This means that we do not use gold or metal materials, but instead offer restorations made of the highest quality, natural-looking materials that are safe for the body as well as the smile.

Why Restore Teeth?

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Although teeth are strong, they can still become impacted by damage, decay, disease, and wear. Even the most minor complications can not only affect your smile's appeal, but also pose a threat to your oral health and potentially your overall well-being.

Small chips, cracks, or fractures in your enamel can develop into larger amounts of damage, making it possible for bacteria and infection to entire tooth. This can compromise health in your tooth roots, jawbone, and bite, leading to complications with chewing, speaking and smiling.

White, Composite Fillings

Fillings are often recommended for repairing teeth with smaller amounts of damage or areas of decay. As their name suggests, fillings are used to quite literally “fill” in the spaces left exposed from removing a pre-existing cavity. Thanks to the enamel-colored material of composite, these restorations are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

For teeth that are damaged but still savable from extraction, our dentists will likely recommend your tooth be restored with a porcelain crown. Crowns are tooth prosthetics specifically designed to mimic the natural structure, look, and feel of a healthy tooth.

Do I Need a Filling or A Crown?

It’s common to require a filling or crown at some point in your life. Whether you need one over the other depends on several factors, such as which tooth is damaged, the level of damage, and how much of the natural tooth structure is still intact. Continue reading below to discover what each restoration option can do for your smile.

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White, composite fillings:

  • Can be applied to any tooth in the smile
  • Help preserve more of your natural tooth structure
  • Composite materials bond well to teeth to restore strength
  • Are matched the shade of other teeth
  • White fillings can fit into tiny areas of decay in the tooth

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Porcelain crowns:

  • Strengthen worn or weakened enamel
  • Replace a single missing tooth after implant placement
  • Protect a tooth treated with root canal therapy
  • Repair deep chips, cracks, and fractures in the enamel
  • Restore overall appearance to a tooth

What Does Getting a Filling Involve?

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First, we’ll administer a local anesthetic, so the affected area is properly numb while our team ensures your maximized comfort throughout the procedure.

Next, the tooth is prepared for restoration. Depending on your needs, we may use laser technology or other specialized tools to remove the damaged or decayed parts of your tooth. A gel is used to cleanse the area and remove any remaining bacteria. The filling material is then applied directly to the area to fill the cavity or repair the chipped or cracked parts of your enamel.

The composite material is hardened with a special bonding light, and your tooth is polished, completing your filling procedure.

What is the Process of Getting A Crown?

Placing a crown requires at least two office visits. First, we remove any decay, shape and prepare your tooth, and fit a temporary crown. During your second visit, your temporary crown is removed, and your final customized crown is placed permanently on your tooth.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

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Tooth loss can cause a multitude of short- and long-term issues that extend beyond your smile. Each tooth plays an essential role in helping you chew, speak, and smile comfortably. All of your teeth work in harmony with each other to preserve the health and position of other teeth, and their roots provide the constant stimulation your jawbone needs to remain full, strong, and healthy.

Not replacing missing teeth leaves the surrounding teeth vulnerable to shifting as well as jawbone weakening. This leads to other complications that can impact your natural facial features, digestion, oral health, and overall quality of life.

If you lose a tooth through extraction, injury, or advanced gum disease, complete tooth replacement at our Wenatchee, WA, office can help restore your smile.

Rebuilding Smiles and Replacing Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

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Dental implants are titanium posts that serve as replacement tooth roots. Once surgically inserted by either Dr. Tyler or Dr. Broc, these posts become a permanent part of your jawbone in a fusing process known as osseointegration. Your living tissue and bone grow around the implant, providing you with a reliable foundation for complete smile restoration.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be a successful and long-lasting treatment option for adults who are in good oral and overall health. We do not recommend dental implant treatment for children or teens because their jaw is not yet fully developed.

The Implant Treatment Process Explained in 5 Steps

Dental implant treatment is a multi-step process. At Gundersen Dental, your implant process will likely involve the following five steps:

  1. Any severely damaged or infected teeth are removed.
  2. The health and density of your jawbone are examined to determine whether a bone graft is needed before placement.
  3. Your implant post(s) are surgically inserted into your jawbone by one of our skilled dentists.
  4. After several months of healing, the abutment (piece that connects to the implant) is placed.
  5. Your customized crown, bridge, or denture restoration is attached to your implant, completing your smile and treatment process.

Fixed Porcelain Bridges for Restoring Several Missing Teeth

Bridge restorations contain up to three artificial teeth in a row. Two crowns can be attached to neighboring teeth on both sides of the gap to ensure lasting support. Fixed bridges can also be affixed to two dental implants for support that leaves neighboring teeth unaltered.

Partial Dentures Replace Multiple Missing Teeth in Your Smile

Partial dentures are often ideal for resorting to multiple missing teeth in a smile. When you choose a partial denture for replacing your lost teeth, you can expect improved appearance, clarity of speech, and chewing ability to be restored.

Complete Dentures for Complete Smile Restoration

A complete denture is a dental prosthetic often used to help restore a smile where no teeth remain. Full dentures can use dental adhesives, natural suction, or be attached to four, six, or eight dental implants for long-lasting support. Dentures can be designed to fit your smile perfectly, helping to preserve facial muscles and jawbone density.

How Can You Help If I’m Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity or Pain?

When bacteria and infection have accessed the inner nerves and soft tissues inside your tooth, treatment with root canal therapy is necessary to help save your tooth from further damage and extraction.

If the infected pulp is not removed, it can not only cause debilitating pain and sensitivity, but lead to the spread of infection to neighboring teeth and other areas of the body.

How is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

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If you are experiencing a painful toothache, sensitivity, or suspect there is a problem happening to your tooth, our dentists can help save your tooth and relieve your discomfort with root canal therapy.

The infected pulp is removed and the root canal is cleaned and sealed. This treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia and may be completed in one visit depending on the level of complexity. Root canal therapy is a predictable and straightforward procedure with high success rates.

After your tooth is sealed, our dentists will likely place a customized crown for lasting protection.

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You use your teeth every day to eat, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence. When a dental health problem arises, you deserve to have your teeth, gums, and overall oral health protected.

By providing many ways to repair, restore, and renew your smile, Wenatchee, WA, dentists Dr. Tyler Gundersen and Dr. Broc Gundersen can offer skilled restorative dentistry to help rehabilitate your smile like new. Contact Gundersen Dental today to get started!



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